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Dear Readers –

My mission in life is to share books with people.I graduated from the University of Florida with a B.A. In English and a really great liberal arts education, for which I will be forever grateful. I wanted to go to library school then, but people kept trying to talk me out of it. Instead, I went to Air Force Officer Training School and became an administration officer in an aircraft maintenance squadron. After I left the Air Force, I made use of the G.I. Bill and got an M.ED. in Guidance and Counseling at Florida Atlantic University. Then I worked on a Ph.D. in English at the University of Miami but left before completing it.

I was also a bookseller for eight years. I really liked the bookstore environment, but I knew I could do more for people as a librarian, and I also needed to earn a better salary.

So in 1986 I headed to FSU’s then School of Library and Information Studies. I had a wonderful educational experience there and came away extremely well-prepared to be a public librarian. All my previous job experience and education was extremely useful, too, to say nothing of my lifelong passion for books.

In 1987, I took a job as Reference Librarian at a mid-sized urban library in Florida. I have spent my entire professional career here, and it has turned out to be a wonderful choice. Over the years, I’ve supervised every department in the Library except Youth Services. I’m now the Collection Development Coordinator, and I think I have the best job in the Library.

I’ve had the privilege of presenting at various professional conferences, including PLA, the PLA Spring Symposium, ALA, the Canadian Library Association, and FLA.

I have been accused of being promiscuous in my reading tastes. My favorite recreational reading is mysteries, but as far as I’m concerned, the whole library is a treasure trove.

The Book Goddess


1. Claude of the mystery club - January 28, 2008

This is a very good and interesting blog. I put it on my favorite list.

2. Judith Goolsby - February 4, 2008

What a great blog. I am glad that my friend, Claude sent it to me. I shall share it with my friends here in Destin, including the head of the South Walton Library. Thanks!

3. Joel B. McEachern - February 18, 2009

Thank you for your stories and your work. Reading is so very important.

I’m looking for a Florida book (and good used book sellers for same) for a young boy coming of age. My first thought was The Yearling, then I also thought of the journal by John Muir (Thousand Mile Walk).

Any ideas?

4. Marcia Schwartz - March 13, 2009

I am an 87 year old widow who is an avid reader, looking to join a daytime book club in West Palm Beach. I’m not certain where to start and the Boarders at City Place does not seem to have an in house group. Can you direct me??!! I would love to get involved with other people who also have this interest. Thank you for any help. Marcia Schwartz

5. bookgoddess - March 16, 2009

Hi Marcia –

The Second Saturday Book Club meets at 10:30 a.m. on the second Saturday of each month at the downtown West Palm Beach Public Library. We will not be meeting in April because we are moving to our new location at 411 Clematis Street, but we will resume meeting on May 9th, 2009, when we will be discussing White Tiger by Aravind Adiga. Please join us!

6. mayralazaradole - September 30, 2009

godess, i was surprised to see that we’ve got the EXACT style of blog. i’m a latina author and found your site on Color Online (someone made a comment and recommended ur site).
happy reading!

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