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Cookbooks for Summer Reading June 5, 2009

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NPR recently released their “Summer Books List,” and this past Sunday’s New York Times featured their Summer Reading selections.  

One similarity between the two is that they both included a selection of cookbooks.  I love cookbooks, and my observations as a bookseller and a librarian are that many people do, whether they like to cook or not. 

And in these trying economic times, it might be a good idea to take an interest in food preparation.  Some financial pundits tell us that we could be wealthy if we didn’t go out to eat so much, though I doubt that applies to restaurant owners.  These are complex issues. 

However, the ability to prepare a good meal for friends, family, or yourself is undoubtedly a useful skill, and can also be an act of generosity, a creative outlet, or a way to take out your aggression by vigorous vegetable chopping. 

We have a wonderful Food and Wine section on the First Floor, and many more food titles in the Grand Reading Room on the Fourth Floor.  I’ve selected some delicious sounding titles from among our new arrivals, and you can link to the list here.  Just keep in mind that there are many more! 

Happy Reading and Cooking, 

The Book Goddess


Summer Reading Lists July 13, 2007

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June 18, 2007

Do you have your summer reading list yet? Or is that a sort of painful memory of when reading was required instead of just fun? Being the omnivorous little nerd that I was (and still am, pretty much), I generally enjoyed the required summer reading.

There are a lot of summer reading lists out there for you to pick from. Check out Oprah’s list here. By the way, I think we’ve read at least four of these titles over the years in the Second Saturday Book Club. My favorite would be The Poisonwood Bible, which is great to listen to.

The American Library Association also has a number of lists for all ages. A personal favorite every year are the recommendations provided on National Public Radio.

What’s on my list? It’s still in the early stages, but I am definitely planning to read (ta-da!) Summer Reading by Hilma Wolitzer. I would love to know what you are planning to read this summer! Please let me know!

Tina Maura Albee
The Book Goddess