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Not Your Ordinary Summer Vacation

Towering Classics: 

The innocents abroad, or, The new pilgrims’ progress

Twain, Mark,
818.403 TWAIN


The cruise of the Vanadis
Wharton, Edith,
910.91638 WHA


The road to Oxiana
Byron, Robert,
915.6043 BYR


Arabian sands
Thesiger, Wilfred,
953.05 THE


The valleys of the Assassins and other Persian travels
Stark, Freya.
915.5045 STA


My journey to Lhasa
David-Neel, Alexandra,
915.15 DAV


West with the night
Markham, Beryl.
967.6009 MARKHAM

All Over the Place: 

Tales from the Torrid Zone

Frater, Alexander

910.913 FRA 

The naked tourist : in search of adventure and beauty in the age of the airport mall
Osborne, Lawrence,
910.4092 OSB

The soccer war
Kapuscinski, Ryszard.
909.82 KAP

Road fever : a high-speed travelogue
Cahill, Tim.
917.04539 CAHILL

Eat, pray, love : 108 tales about one woman’s search for pleasure, devotion, and balance
Gilbert, Elizabeth,

The best American travel writing

Cahill, Tim
818.5408 BES

Latin America: 

In Patagonia
Chatwin, Bruce,
918.270464 CHA

The Panama hat trail : a journey from South America
Miller, Tom,
918.66 MIL

t the tomb of the inflatable pig : travels through Paraguay
Gimlette, John,
918.920473 GIL


Iberia : Spanish travels and reflections
Michener, James A.
914.604 82 MIC

Travels with my donkey : one man and his ass on a pilgrimage to Santiago
Moore, Tim,
914.6048 MOO

Instructions for visitors : life and love in a French town
Stevenson, Helen.
914.4 STE

No Vulgar Hotel

Martin, Judith

945.31 MAR 

Stolen figs and other adventures in Calabria
Rotella, Mark,
914.578049 ROTELLA

Istanbul : memories and the city
Pamuk, Orhan,
949.61803 PAM


No mercy : a journey to the heart of the Congo
O’Hanlon, Redmond,
916.724 OHA

Angry wind : through Muslim black Africa by truck, bus, boat, and camel
Tayler, Jeffrey.
916.60433 TAY

The East, Near and Far: 

Mirrors of the Unseen

Elliot, Jason

915.50444 ELL 

The great railway bazaar : by train through Asia
Theroux, Paul.
915.04427 THE

Catfish and Mandala

Pham, Andrew

917.970444 PHA 

Finding George Orwell in Burma
Larkin, Emma.
915.9104 LAR

Golden earth : travels in Burma
Lewis, Norman.
915.910451 LEW

A short walk in the Hindu Kush
Newby, Eric.
915.81 NEW

Palin, Michael.
915.49604 PAL

Video night in Kathmandu : and other reports from the not-so-far East
Iyer, Pico.
950.428 IYER

Holy Cow : an Indian adventure
Macdonald, Sarah.
954.56052 MAC

In America: 

A turn in the South
Naipaul, V. S.
975.04 NAI

I’m a stranger here myself : notes on returning to America after twenty years away
Bryson, Bill.
973.92 BRY

Hunting Mister Heartbreak : a discovery of America
Raban, Jonathan.
973.928 RAB

Roadfood : the coast-to-coast guide to 600 of the best barbecue joints, lobster
Stern, Jane.
917.3 STE


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