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Interior Decorating for the Financially Strapped and Emotionally Exhausted

General Decorating Books

New decorating book
Caringer, Denise L.
747.213 NEW

Straight talk on decorating
Jennings, Lynette.
747 JEN

Apartment therapy : the eight step home cure
Gillingham-Ryan, Maxwell.
747.019 GIL

Breaking the rules : home style for the way we live today
Ferer, Christy.
747 FER

Aspirational Decorating Books

A house on the water : inspiration for living at the water’s edge
Knight, Robert,
728.097409 KNI

Adventures with old houses
Jenrette, Richard H.
728.370973 JEN

Sun country style
McMillan, Patricia Hart.
747.213 MCM

New Moroccan style : the art of sensual living
Sully, Susan.
747.0964 SUL

Special Situations:

Collector’s style.
Better Homes and Gardens Books (Firm)
747 COL

House beautiful : decorating with books
Proeller Hueston, Marie.
747.9 PRO

At home with the past : how the love of old things creates beautiful interiors
Gross, Steve.
747.9 GRO

Kid’s sacred places : rooms for believing and belonging
Katillac, Kelee.
747.77 KAT

Decorating Challenges

Scaling down : living large in a smaller space
Culbertson, Judi.
640 CUL

Mission: organization : strategies and solutions to clear your clutter
Tincher-Durik, Amy.
648.5 MIS

Stylish storage : simple ways to contain your clutter
Gilchrist, Paige.
648.8 GIL

Organizing your craft space
Packham, Jo.
745.5 PAC

Home comforts : the art and science of keeping house
Mendelson, Cheryl,
640 MEN

The accidental housewife : how to overcome housekeeping hysteria one task at a time
Edelman, Julie.
648.5 EDE

How to satisfy your woman everytime : the straight guy’s guide to housework and good grooming
Browning, Nigel.
640 BRO

The perfect palette : fifty inspired color plans for painting every room in your home
Krims, Bonnie Rosser.
747.94 KRI

Debbie Travis’ painted house : quick and easy painted finishes for walls, floors, and furniture Travis, Debbie.
698.1 TRA

Inside the not so big house : discovering the details that bring a home to life
Susanka, Sarah.
728.37 SUS

Junk style
Molesworth, Melanie.
645 MOL

Style by the aisle : off-the-rack decorating for affordable chic.
747 STY

6 steps to design on a dime
Barz, Amber D.
747 BAR

The Salvage Sisters’ guide to finding style in the street and inspiration in the attic
Hackett, Kathleen.
745.5 HAC

Decorating Inspiration

Home sweeter home : creating a haven of simplicity and spirit
Mitchell, Jann.
248 MIT

Feeling at home : defining who you are and how you want to live
Stoddard, Alexandra.
158.1 STO

Nesting : it’s a chick thing
Beanland, Ame Mahler.
640 BEA

House as a mirror of self : exploring the deeper meaning of home
Marcus, Clare Cooper.
155.94 MAR

A home for the soul : a guide for dwelling with spirit and imagination
Lawlor, Anthony.
728.01 LAW

In a spiritual style : the home as sanctuary
Cerwinske, Laura.
747 CER

Sweeping changes : discovering the joy of Zen in everyday tasks
Thorp, Gary.
294.34446 THO

Decorating Outside the Lines

Bohemian style
Wilhide, Elizabeth.
747.221 WIL

Weird rooms
Sharpe, Mal.
747.20495 SHA

La casa loca : Latino style comes home : 45 funky craft projects for decorating and entertaining
Cano-Murillo, Kathy.
745.5 CAN

Home art : creating romance and magic with everyday objects
Van Amringe, Judyth.
749 VAN


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Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
See you!
Your, Raiul Baztepo

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