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Always Bring a Book (A Cautionary Tale) May 19, 2009

Posted by bookgoddess in Books, readers, Reading.

I was reminded of this yesterday morning when I had to go to the post office to pick up a certified letter.  There was a long line, which I joined.  Time passed, in the sense that geological eras pass.  (No reflection is intended on the employees, who were pleasant and efficient.  There were just too few of them.)  I examined the offerings at the postal store.  I looked at my fellow postal customers.  I began to be concerned about catching a skin condition from one of them.  My feet hurt. 

Things would have been different if I had brought a book.  (There were several in the car.)  I could have used it as an escape.  I might have improved my mind.  I would at least have had an alternative to staring and hypochondria.  Perhaps I would even have had a pleasant conversation with another reader.  Admittedly, I would probably still have had the foot issue. 

If you are a book person, don’t be without one. 

Happy Reading,

The Book Goddess


1. John Michael De Marco - May 21, 2009

How could you have forgotten a book??? 🙂

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