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Happy Birthday, West Palm Beach! October 31, 2008

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One of the things I love about my job is the variety.  Earlier this week, for example, I dressed up as a witch and handed out Halloween tattoos to scores of adorable costumed children, some of whom were still young enough to be scared. 

Then today I “curated” a collection of historic photographs for our West Palm
Beach 114th Birthday celebration tomorrow.  (I know – curators all over the country are calling their professional association to complain….)  

Anyway, these are very cool old photographs which I hung up on a screen as aesthetically as I could.  And as I looked at Benjamin Lainhart in front of his thatched home (in 1876!), I was amazed once more at the pioneer spirit of those people who get to a place first and then turn it into a community.  I am proud to be the descendant of north Florida pioneers myself, but I’m not sure I would have had the courage or the stamina that people like my great-great-grandparents, or Mr. Lainhart, did. 

And now we live in this amazingly diverse and culturally rich city that many would think is pretty close to paradise.  Tomorrow we will celebrate its founding here at the Library, and unveil “My City, Our Story”: the multimedia interactive experience that portrays the history of Clematis Street and asks you for your Clematis Street story. 

Aren’t you grateful that those pioneers stayed and created our city?  If you are, please come to the West Palm Beach Library on Saturday, November 1st, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.  There will be a barbershop quartet, old-fashioned games for the kids, refreshments, and of course a display of books about West Palm Beach and the local area.  I hope to see you there! 


The Book Goddess


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