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How to Enhance Your Reading Experience, Part I October 21, 2008

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Let’s say you’re at home.  You decide to get yourself a nice beverage to enjoy while reading.  Don’t just pick the first thing you run into in your fridge!  No – first you might want to read “The Book Examiner’s ultimate guide to pairing alcohol and literature: read, drink, and be merry.” 

This sounds like fun – the right beverage with the right book!  The Book Examiner has put together a delightful list of beverages and the books that might complement them.  

A word (or several) of warning:  since they are all alcoholic, you might have a good reason for avoiding them altogether.  Also, if you read in the morning, or on your lunch hour, or if you’ll need to drive, I’d certainly recommend coffee or a soft drink.  In fact, the Book Goddess advises you not to do anything illegal, immoral, or likely to produce a hangover. 

Even without the warning, I really think Barbara Pym would go better with hot tea (think of all those church gatherings!), though sherry is not out of the question.  And sweet iced tea would be the beverage of choice for much of Southern literature.  But there are a lot of wonderful suggestions on the Book Examiner’s list, including Old Peculier, which I thought was an invention of Martha Grimes until I found it in a store in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  The red wine suggestions seem especially apt – “Classics, high-brow travel writing, brainy literary-type tomes, history, historical novels, food writing, and anything with a reference to Provence in the title….” 

Does this sound lovely?  The world can be a worrisome place; I think it’s a good thing to seek out small pleasures. 

Happy Reading!

The Book Goddess


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