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Tim Dorsey February 1, 2008

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On Tuesday, February 5th at 1:00 p.m., author Tim Dorsey will be speaking and signing copies of his new book, Atomic Lobster, at our library.  Dorsey is the author of the truly wild and crazy series of Florida thrillers featuring Serge A. Storms, a serial killer who only kills people who really deserve it.  (Disclaimer:  the Book Goddess does not endorse this approach!)

There are many reasons to read Tim Dorsey.  He’s entertaining, outrageous, and smart.  I’m pretty sure that you will be alternately horrified and hooting with laughter, or sometimes both at the same time.  Dorsey expresses sentiments and deals with topics that others would consider hopelessly distasteful – but he works them so skillfully that you have to admit he has a point.  Also, this is a really excellent way to learn some Florida lore, about which Dorsey – and Serge – are amazingly well-informed.

Some of you may be thinking that this is not your kind of author.  Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have read the first book either, except that it was one of the selections of our Just for Mystery Lovers Book Club here at the Library.  But I’m awfully glad I did.  Dorsey truly is a brilliant writer and there is some serious satire going on here.  (You remember satire:  holding the prevailing follies of society up to ridicule.  Dorsey does this very well.)

I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday at the West Palm Beach Public Library at 100 Clematis Street.

Happy Reading!

The Book Goddess


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