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Help! I Need a Book! How I Used the Library in a Time of Crisis (and you can, too!) September 28, 2007

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I would assume that most people do not think of the public library first when they find themselves in a crisis situation, but maybe they should consider it.  Please do not misunderstand me – there are certainly occasions when you need a friend, a police officer, a doctor, or other emergency help rather than a book. 

But assuming that your need for personal or professional assistance has been met, I’d like to suggest that the library may be very helpful.  For instance, I was once in a situation where I was simultaneously involved in a romantic breakup and a move to a new state.  One of the healthiest and most productive things I did was take advantage of my wonderful public libraries.

For one thing, I needed something to take my mind off things, and mystery novels were my distraction of choice.  Isn’t it a wonderful thing to enter another world?

I had also found that creating something helped me immensely.  I was a beginning quilter at that time, and the library provided a rich assortment of books to inspire me.

And I just enjoyed going to the library and being uplifted by the whole treasure trove of possibilities stored on its shelves, and available to me.

On paper, these may seem like minor things, but I can assure you that the library was one of the things that kept me going at a very bad time.  Getting in touch with my creativity truly did change my life.  And I’m quite sure that those positive experiences at the public library have much to do with my vocation as a librarian.

I know now that there are other ways I could have used the library.  I could have attended programs and met new people.  I might have chosen to read up on divorce and starting over.  I like to believe that there is something at the library for everyone.

And please do not hesitate to ask the librarian for help.  They know about resources that may not be immediately obvious -and they are there to help!

At one time, the slogan of the American Library Association was “Libraries Change Lives.”  They certainly changed mine.

Tina Maura Albee

The Book Goddess


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