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Reginald Hill (Authors You Shouldn’t Miss) September 11, 2007

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 Dear Readers:

Many of you know that the Book Goddess loves mysteries, especially literary mysteries.  And one of my all-time favorite mystery authors is Reginald Hill.

I first encountered him a number of years ago when I read The Spy’s Wife, in which a woman’s husband disappears and she is told that he is a Russian spy.  It’s an exciting story as well as a skillful portrait of a woman finding her way in difficult circumstances.  From then on, I kept an eye out for books by Reginald Hill. 

He’s best known for his Dalziel and Pascoe series, set in Yorkshire.  Peter Pascoe is university educated, has a feminist wife, and is a very modern policeman.  His boss Dalziel is Fat Andy, big, strong, and old school (and sometimes pretty scary), but always has few surprises for Peter.  Two favorites in that series are Bones and Silence, in which the plot turns on the staging of a medieval-style mystery play; and Dialogues of the Dead, based on a classical literary form and involving librarians and word games. 

Most recently, I listened to/read The Stranger House.  This is a standalone mystery in which a brilliant young (female) mathematician from Australia and a former seminary student from Spain set out separately in search of some family secrets.  They meet up in Ilthwaite, a remote English village with some secrets of its own.  It’s a wonderful read, and you’ll learn something about British history and Norse mythology.  (I love novels where I can learn something, and Hill excels at informing in an entertaining way.)

If you like Hill, you’re in luck, because he has written a lot of books – well over thirty (and I’ve read most of them!)

Happy reading!

The Book Goddess

P.S.  I expect “Authors You Shouldn’t Miss” to be an ongoing feature.  Let me know about your favorite authors!


1. Irvina - April 23, 2008

I cannot remember how I came across you site, but this article about Reginald Hill was where I landed and I have been happy about that. I have read 4 of his Dalziel and Pascoe series…and have bought many more to read! Very enjoyable…I am looking forward to sharing them with my Mother and friends. I am on the search to get some of the earliest ones before I pass them along. >> Irvina

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