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(Are You) Reading in America? August 31, 2007

Posted by bookgoddess in Books, readers, Reading.

My supervisor recently sent me an article from the CNN website that you might want to link to:  Where you fall in poll of U.S. reading habits.

 I know, there are all kinds of things people can be doing with their time instead of reading AND I know I’m preaching to the choir…but, oh, dear.

 Reading has done many things for me. It has informed me, and amused me, and and consoled me.  But I think the most important thing that reading has done for me is to give me some insight into how another person, in another situation in life, might feel.

There’s a wonderful book, Selling Ben Cheever:  Back to Square One in a Service Economy,in which the author takes a series of low-paying jobs and reports on the human effects of downsizing.  In the “Product Warning” (really!), he says, “I believe in the victory of empathy.  A woman can understand what it means to be a man, the rich what it means to be poor, the sick how it feels to be well.”

I do, too, Ben.  And I know reading has helped me with this, and I think that just maybe, if we as a society read more, we might be a little more understanding of our fellow human beings and what they might be going through.  And I have to believe that would be a good thing.

All the best from

The Book Goddess 


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