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Confessions of an Inadvertent Fortune Teller August 6, 2007

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Who Says Being a Librarian isn’t Exciting?

I think many people have an image of a librarian’s life as a calm and uneventful one, marked perhaps by the occasional author visit or a dustup over Dewey numbers.  Well, it really isn’t like that.  At least in my experience, it is much more exciting than one might imagine.

As an example, we had quite a party this past Friday at the West Palm Beach Public Library.  It was the finale to our “Magic Happens @ Your Library” Summer Reading Program for all ages.  About 250 adults and children gathered to eat delicious food, concoct aromatherapy “potions,” see a terrific magic show, create mysterious masks and scary cupcakes, and have their fortunes told.

The exciting part for me comes next.  Apparently our volunteer tarot card reader had to leave unexpectedly before the celebration was over.  People were lined up for this opportunity – what to do?  Somehow, staff eyes turned my way (probably it was my red lipstick and my glamorous witch hat) and suddenly I was appointed the new fortune-teller!

Armed only with my glass orb and a desire for everyone to have good fortune, I stepped into the tent.  I examined the palms of our patrons and we chatted a little and I had them make a wish about the future. I had so much fun!  The children were delightful, and the adults were such good sports.  This was a great way to make contact with some of our wonderful readers.

Being a librarian has brought many unique experiences into my life – I never really know what adventure I will have next.  This one was certainly unexpected and one that I will treasure.

And by the way, I see a lot of books in your future!


Madame Tina

The Book Goddess, etc.


1. lisa - August 6, 2007

You were magnificent and magical!! It was such a good time!

2. Janice - August 7, 2007

You were a very cool fortune teller and I love the post

3. bookgoddess - August 7, 2007

By the way, you can view some excellent photos of the event at http://www.wpbpl.blogspot.com/

4. Jenn - August 7, 2007

It was the red lipstick and glamorous witch hat! Great post!

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